Your Diamond Specialist in Madison WI

William Thomas Jewelers offers complete diamond brokering services to residents of Madison WI and beyond. We assess, buy and sell diamonds in a relaxed, discreet and honest atmosphere. We work hard to ensure you receive the highest possible quality diamonds. If you have diamond jewelry or diamond rings for sale, we work hard to ensure fair pricing.

When considering buying loose diamonds or specific diamonds for diamond rings or other distinct pieces, please keep William Thomas Jewelers in mind. Because we are jewelers and designers, we can help find the best diamond for your particular need. To our staff, a diamond is not just a commodity, it is part of a larger vision.

Diamond Cleaning and Care in Madison WI

Diamonds are very tough. They have longevity and from time to time diamonds require cleaning or their settings require repair. So whether you have diamond rings, diamond earrings or other diamond jewelry, remember William Thomas as your destination when they need attention.

What a Diamond Broker Does

Diamond brokers buy and sell diamonds. If you are looking for a diamond with particular characteristics, or a group of diamonds for a unique piece, we will help you acquire them. There are a wide range of diamond options available and our experts will be happy to work with you. We will help you assess value, use our design experience to find great diamond options or if need be, sell excess diamonds or jewelry.

Reliable Diamond Information in Madison WI

At William Thomas Jewelers, we follow the GIA Diamond Standards so you can be sure all assessments and transactions meet the highest professional and most widely adhered to diamond standards. Be sure to consider the following tips when preparing yourself to purchase diamonds.

  • Look at diamonds in a range of lighting conditions. A diamond should retain its sparkle in different light environments.
  • Be aware of the various shapes. Different shapes fit different personalities. People preferring edgier fashions might like square cut while a romantic might prefer a cushion-cut. Diamonds come in a variety of shapes including round brilliant, emerald, pear, oval and specialty cuts. The perfect engagement ring will have the preferred shape.
  • Final Cut. No matter what shape a diamond has, cut quality affects a diamond’s beauty and value more than any of the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity, carat weight). A well-cut 1 ¾ carat diamond will sparkle more and may actually appear larger than a poorly cut 2-carat diamond.

For more information about buying or selling diamond jewelry, diamond rings or even a single diamond Madison WI, please call or email William Thomas Jewelers in Madison WI and we’ll be glad to assist.